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We're really excited to be able to bring you two weeks’ worth of brilliant, inclusive activities for the full family this Easter!

The formed programme will include live and pre-recorded digital sessions, self-guided tours and face to face delivery in line with the current Government guidance. 

To download a copy of our Hartlepool Holiday Fun Activity pack please click here. 


Before you participate in any of our digital sessions, please ensure you have read our disclaimer which can be viewed here and should you require more information contact  

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EASTER timetable Week 2 .png

Family Time Competition! 

Where am I? ’Hartlepool Rock Hunt’ daily competition.


Before 10am, clues will be posted on social media revealing the location of where the ‘Family Time’ rock is hidden (green spaces around Hartlepool) with a specified time to come along and find it e.g. 1-2pm (these hourly slots will vary day to day, some in the morning and others in the afternoon to allow everyone to take part).


Those that locate the rock and come during the specified time will be given a spot prize! 

Funky Feet Easter Virtual Event 

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School Games Challenge 101

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