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Active Hartlepool

Active - Healthier - Together 

Our vision, for the future...Everyone in Hartlepool able to lead an active lifestyle.

Our mission, every day...Placing customers at the heart of everything we do. Inspiring people to be more active. Using sport and physical activity to improve our communities. 

Our purpose...Deliver high quality, financially sustainable services. Equality of opportunity. More people, more active, more often. 

Our goals;

  • Ensure all of our customers always receive a high quality service.

  • Continue to improve what we do and how we do it.

  • Make a difference with partners and customers.

  • Increase investment in sport and physical activity.

  • Develop a skilled and motivated paid and volunteer workforce.

  • Be a great place to work. 

Our values;

  • Inclusive - we welcome and respect people from all backgrounds, and value diversity. 

  • Welcoming - we are friendly and approachable and are committed to retaining a welcoming environment. 

  • Inspiring - we believe passionately in what we do, care deeply and always go above and beyond.

  • Supportive - we understand how tough and intimidating getting started or sticking to an active lifestyle can be, and we want to help.

  • Quality - we take pride in our high levels of professionalism and delivering high quality experiences and customer service. 

Our service commitments - putting our customers at the HEART of everything we do!

  • Happy to help - we are knowledgeable and friendly 

  • Encourage feedback - we listen, embrace feedback and are committed to improving

  • Approachable - we want all customers to feel comfortable to engage with us 

  • Reputation for high standards - we deliver safe and high quality services 

  • Treat everyone equally - we are inclusive and respect diversity 

If any of our team aren't following our service commitments, we want to know! Please send us an email at with your feedback to help us improve our service. 

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