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The Participation Team aims to plan, deliver and promote a range of high quality, innovative physical activity

opportunities that will increase participation and make a positive contribution to the wider community.


We aspire to achieve this by raising awareness of the range of opportunities available that contribute to the health and overall wellbeing of the community.


With the experience and adoption of a multi-agency approach to provision, we are working towards providing sustainable sporting and physical activity

opportunities with sufficient exit routes into lifelong participation.


By responding to the needs of the community we are dedicated to provide new, inclusive and exciting physical activities for all, recruit, retain and develop volunteers and ensure equality and diversity in all that we do.

What Do We Offer?

The Participation Team offers the following services:


  • Strategic development, advice and support of physical activity and sport to educational establishments, sports clubs, and other relevant organisations.

  • A comprehensive training and development programme for education staff along with potential coaches, leaders and volunteers.

  • Advice for organisations on grants available regarding physical activity and sport.

  • A directory of sports clubs throughout the town.

  • Up to date and accurate information via social media and text messaging services, highlighting opportunities within the town.


The Sport and Physical Activity Team provide a comprehensive training and development programme for coaches, leaders, volunteers and educational

staff to access.  


Training varies and is identified through consultation with key partners such as Tees Valley Sport, educational establishments, clubs

and national governing bodies.


Various facilities are utilised depending on the nature of the course and the target audience.  Courses are arranged throughout the year and

consultation assists with establishing dates and times.


Courses are arranged through the training and development programme with Hartlepool Borough Council.  However, other

organisations such as national governing bodies may organise courses in the town.


In addition to the above if an organisation is willing to provide a suitable facility to host a workshop assigned to the training and development programme an agreement will be made in regards to funded places. 


The programme accommodates everyone; however, courses are specifically designed for different target audiences.  Booking for courses is essential and can be done by emailing or calling 01429 284414.

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