Summerhill Activities for Schools and Groups


Schools and Groups

For schools and groups, we can offer the following activities:


  • Bouldering;

  • Indoor Climbing;

  • Archery;

  • Orienteering;

  • Xplorer;

  • Den Building;

  • Environmental activities;

  • Slacklining;    


We aim to provide education, exercise and most of all fun!  All sessions lasts for two hours.


The Outdoor Activities Team holds a current Adventure Activities License no. L12134. All of these activities are led by our qualified instructors.

Forest School

Explore life as it was in the Iron Age – over 2000 years ago.  Exercise, work as a team, have fun and learn about our history.


An overview of the day:


  • Introduction in the Exhibition Room with a brief introduction to the Stone Age, learn about the role of archaeologists and build up knowledge of Iron Age people;

  • Visit the Roundhouse to learn about Stone Age construction and lifestyle;

  • Learn how to hunt and build shelters, working in small groups to plan and build a shelter in the woodland;

  • A crafts session using artefacts for rubbings and sketching.


All sessions are fully planned and can be adapted to meet specific curriculum requirements.

Year Group Nursery, Reception & Primary


Using the 100 acre Summerhill Country Park site, the Forest School operates all year round.


Play is very important to a child’s learning. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, many children today have fewer opportunities to play outside.


Forest school sessions take place in a woodland or natural wooded

environment to support the development of relationships between the

learner and the natural world.


Activities are built up through small, achievable tasks.  Children learn the

boundaries of behaviour, both physical and social, grow in confidence and 

self esteem whilst developing an understanding of the natural world.


A long term process of frequent and regular sessions take place in our

woodland environment.  The sessions aim to provide the holistic

development of all those involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent

and creative learners. 


A number of sessions, each lasting for two hours, would cover:


  • Literacy;

  • Numeracy;

  • Shapes;

  • Spaces;

  • Measures;

  • The World of Plants and Animals;

  • Exploring Materials and Media;

  • Imagination and Creativity.


As well as providing a standard set of sessions, we can also tailor sessions

to your needs.


For further information, contact us on or call 01429 284584.

History Heritage
Balance Bikes

The sessions use specialised bikes which are designed to help young children develop their balance and confidence in riding a bike.


  • We provide the instructor, bikes and helmets and the sessions are held at your school (indoor sessions).

  • The sessions are suitable for nursery and reception pupils.

  • A one hour session will allow instruction for 12 pupils (six children per half hour) although we can book longer sessions for larger groups.

  • It is recommended that three sessions are booked as it is a progressive course.

  • Taster sessions are available on request.


Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity for your children to learn to ride a bike! Availability is limited and the sessions are popular so advance booking is highly recommended.


For further information and bookings, please call 01429 284592 or email

Residential Activities

Our residential site is set in the beautiful vale of St John’s in the Lake District, and is close to a number of great activity venues, such as Derwentwater, Stoneycroft Gill and St. Peters Crag.  Residential activities are suitable for group sizes from six up to 36 children. 


Our residential trips are designed to meet your specific needs.  You can choose which activities to include in addition to their location and time.


Activities include:


  • Climbing;

  • Abseiling;

  • Mountain Biking;

  • Walking;

  • Canoeing;

  • Gorge Walking;

  • Caving;

  • Team Building;

  • Kayaking;

  • Hiking.


Single Day Activities


If your time or budget is restricted, then we provide a wide range of single day activities for groups at a number of venues.  You can choose one session from the residential activities or Conservation Projects in partnership with Summerhill Country Park and Environmental Education.  Group sizes range from six to 36 people.  These days will be tailor made to meet your specific preferences and needs.


To book, call 01429 284584 or email and find out more about the opportunities available.